Ecological agriculture

The goals of the study program Ecological Agriculture involve achieving competence and academic knowledge and skills in the area of bio-sciences and applying them in the analysis, synthesis and forecasting of solutions and consequences in organic crop and vegetable farming. At the same time, attention is paid to the application of scientific principles, analytical skills and instrumental methods of analysis in practice; combining information technology; development of ethical, social, cultural and historical values and attitudes related to the management and rural development. Undergraduate studies are the first level of university education of an expert in the field of organic farming. In 2015, we have introduced the new 4-year programme Organic Crop and Livestock Production. The aim of the doctoral programme in this area is to train and educate the students for scientific research and further academic career in the area of agriculture and related fields. Doctoral students are expected to work independently and to critically assess original and science-based research.


  • Upon completion of the bachelor academic studies, the student acquires the title ENGINEER OF AGRICULTURE (240 ECTS);
  • Upon completion of the master academic studies (60ECTS) the student acquires the title MASTER ENGINEER IN AGRICULTURE (240 + 60 ECTS);
  • Upon completion of the doctoral academic studies (180 ECTS) the student acquires the title DOCTOR OF BIOTECHNICAL SCIENCES (300+180 ECTS).



BAS – General plant protection

BAS – Agricultural mechanization

BAS – Agriculture and enviromental protection

BAS – Agrobiotechnology

BAS – Basics of chemistry

BAS – Basics of ecological agriculture

BAS – Basics of biochemistry

BAS – Basics of biology

BAS – Basics of genetics

BAS – Basics of good agricultural practice and integral agriculture

BAS – Basics of plant physiology and animals

BAS – Basics of vegetables preservation

BAS – Biodiversity and agriculture

BAS – Ecological fruit protection

BAS – English language I

BAS – English language II

BAS – Ethology of animals

BAS – Food analysis and food safety

BAS – Fundamentals of marketing in organic production

BAS – Harmful substances in the food chain of animals

BAS – Introduction to microbiology

BAS – Management in ecology

BAS – Mathematics

BAS – Multifunctional agriculture

BAS – Nutrition of nonruminant

BAS – Nutrition of ruminant

BAS – Organic animal husbandry

BAS – Organic beekeeping

BAS – Organic crop production

BAS – Organic seed production

BAS – Organic vegetable production

BAS – Population genetics of domestic and cultivated animals


BAS – Rural development and agrotourism

BAS – Water protection and management in agriculture

BAS – Zoohygiene and animal health protection

BAS -Fertilization in organic agriculture

BAS – Sustainable use of natural resourses

BAS – Practical training

BAS – Practical training 2,  production practice

BAS – Practical work 3

BAS – The Final Work



MAS – Agro-genetic resources and their conservation

MAS – Methods of research in agrobiotechnology

MAS – Mycotoxins and phytotoxins in the chain of animal nutrition

MAS – Soil fertility and soil biological activity

MAS – Special plant protection in Ecological Agriculture

MAS – Specifics of organic crop production

MAS – Sustainable agricultural systems

MAS – Technology of the production and processing of bee products

MAS – The application of modern technologies in livestock production

MAS – The production and processing of organic food

MAS – The specifics of organic livestock production

MAS – Practical work 1

MAS – Practical work 2

MAS- Final work – Master thesis



DAS – Scientific research methodology

DAS- Biofarm – source of high value products

DAS – Biological control in plant production

DAS – Biotechnology in Agriculture

DAS – Chemical and organic hazards in animal feed

DAS – Genetic Resourses in Agronomy and Breeding

DAS – Marketing in rural areas


DAS – Soil Quality Management in agriculture

DAS – Specificity of plant production

DAS – Strategic management in Agribusiness

DAS – Stress factors in agriculture

DAS – Doctoral dissertation