Visegrad Fund Project

About the project

Project titleEducation of young scientist in ecologically friendly agriculture through WB6-W4 networking

Coordinator: Educons University, Sremska Kamenica, SERBIA


  1. University of Szeged, Szeged, HUNGARY (u-szeged.hu)
  3. Research Institute of Horticulture, POLAND (inhort.pl)
  4. PSI (Photon Systems Instruments), spol. s r.o., Czech Republic (http://www.psi.cz/)
  5. Centre for organic production Selenca (COPS), SERBIA (organiccentar.rs)
  6. Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, SLOVAKIA (http://www.uniag.sk/)

Funding organization: Visegrad Fund

Project implementation: 20/05/2018 – 12/07/2019

Aim of the project: The main focus of the project proposal is to prevent “brain drain” of young scientists by education and skill building in the area of environmentally friendly methods in agriculture. Participants will have the opportunity to be in line with innovations and new trends in ecological agriculture through building of WB6-W4 networking achieved during this project. Young scientists and students will get knowledge and skills on new methods in topics relevant for eco agriculture, delivered by experts from partner institutions. The project is addressed not only to students but to broader society. Public awareness on benefits of the application of ecologically friendly methods will be increased through targeting agricultural producers and media representatives in Serbia.

Project phases:

PhaseDescription of the phase
01/01/2018–31/01/2018Project preparation and planning- Within this activity project applicant started communication with project participants on developing idea on project structure and objectives. It included on line communication and personal visits to project participants.
20/05/2018–12/07/2019Promotion activities and website development- This activity encompasses organization and promotion of planned workshops and event organized with COPS-AgroOrganic days, Media campaign organization , creation of the website application which will contain information and materials from organized workshops, information of interest to eco farmers, and will enable communication between registered members
20/05/2018–30/10/2018Organization of Workshops- Three workshops for young scientists will be organized at Educons University, University of Szeged and Nitra. Experts will prepare and hold lectures for young scientists as well as for other students. Hands on training will be organized in laboratories only for young scientists.
20/05/2018–12/07/2019Project management-This activity will result in efficient and effective coordination and management of the project activities in relation to strategic factors of time, quality and budget. It will include: Coordination and Management; Organization of activities; Reporting; Documentation and Evaluation; Progress Monitoring; Development and Quality Insurance.
30/05/2018–01/03/2019Creation of publication- publication on topics developed through the organized workshops will be written by the team members in order to contribute to further development of eco agriculture and to both research and social impact of the project. It will contain two documents-Guidelines written by mentors and Training material written by young experts and trainers
01/09/2018–15/10/2018Organization of lectures for farmers and media representatives- During the AgroOrganic events in Kikinda, Selenca and Subotica experts from Educons University will educate farmers and media representatives on specific topics related to eco production, their possibilities and significance.


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