Summer school 2015

1st International Summer School in Finance on the topic “Financial markets capital flows to the emerging economies – possibilities and transformations” has been developed as a cooperation between Henley Business School of Reading University (UK) and Educons University.

Emerging economies have seen a significant transformation in their constant striving to develop their capacities and strength. The development of financial markets remains one of the key challenges for emerging economies. They already have a solid basis in commercial banking but lack functioning financial markets, which have suffered a significant blow worldwide a few years ago. In order to facilitate the process of a financial markets development, it is important to start from the beginning, which is with research and education.

The lecturers at the Summer School in Finance were renowned professors from Henley Business School of Reading University (UK), Educons University, and professors from the member universities of the Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities (ACEU). There were also host lecturers who are experts and policy makers from the Republic of Serbia and the region of Central and Eastern Europe in the field of Financial Markets.


The Summer School in Finance took place at Educons University in Sremska Kamenica from June 22 – 26, 2015. The lectures were given in Educons University classrooms and the working language was English. Each person who participated in the Summer School had a chance to receive 3 ECTS points if requirements were fulfilled. The participants were students from ACEU Universities. The opening ceremony of the Summer School involved a Panel Discussion with the representatives from Educons University, Henley Business School, the Government of Serbia and the National Bank of Serbia.