Educons University is the first private University in Vojvodina. The University obtained its work license from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia in June 2008. The University Educons is comprised of ten faculties: the Faculty of Business Economics, Faculty of Environmental Protection, Academy of Classical Painting, Faculty of Ecological Agriculture, Faculty of Applied Security, Faculty of Information Technologies (FINTECH), Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies, Faculty of Teacher-Training Studies and Faculty of sports and tourism. Educons enables bachelor academic studies, master academic studies, specialist and doctoral studies. All study courses at University Educons are accredited.

The mission of Educons as an integrated academic community of professors, researchers, artists and students is the development of education, harmonization of curriculum with European experience and trends, attractiveness and competitiveness of curriculum both on national and international level, as well as the accomplishment of highly educated and scientific positions in the country and abroad.

Educons cooperates with the industry, professional associations and business associations and managers as well as with public institutions at the national, provincial and local levels.