Our mission and vision

Educons University began in 2008 as a dynamic institution that offers education in several diverse scientific fields, with an awareness that knowledge, as the primary resource of the modern world, must go hand in hand with global developments. In lieu of this fact, Educons continues to modify its study programmes, presently comprising 11 faculties.

Lately, Educons University has been successfully implementing significant changes in the learning models concerning the in-class transfer of knowledge. So-called BLENDED LEARNING concept of teaching has surpassed traditional lectures (the matrix of repetitive memorization) to which students and professors have previously grown accustomed. In its place, a new model is introduced that entails interactive discussion and exchange of information in groups of students, the professor acting as a moderator. The use of new technologies in class, such as tablets, i-pads, laptops, etc. is also encouraged.

The second important innovation within our study model is an aspiration to transform Educons University into a CORPORATE-FUNDED INSTITUTION (Stanford University, USA, is an exemplary institutions of this kind).  The University thereby enters the process of project studies, where it is associated with the private sector companies on a new level, as they engage in a relation of a funder (the company) and the funded institution (the University), which creates a pool of job opportunities for students and acts as a learning motivator. The study programmes are consequently becoming synchronized with realistic needs of the economy. The funding companies provide internship opportunities for students and eventually delineate the number of students that may enter their workforce.

The third crucial innovation at Educons is the building of EDUCONS INTERNATIONAL CAMPUS, the first such campus in the area of private higher education in the Western Balkans region, which, owing to substantial investments, provides a high level of student living and studying standards.

Since the academic year 2015/2016 the University boasts a student hall of residence, recently complemented with a sports hall, thus putting into practice the concept of healthy studying, popularized in the West, which entails learning, living and training at the same place.

Mission: Educons University mission is to provide a functional synthesis of traditional and innovative education, enabling its students to gain applicable knowledge and degrees for the contemporary era, marked by a global and multidisciplinary approach to social processes. We aim to foster creativity and independence in our students, entrepreneurial and innovative mindset, problem-solving skills, and enthusiasm for research. The ultimate aim of this vision is to contribute to a general transformation of the society through sustained innovations in the educational process.

Vision: The vision of our future is based on the fact that the societies in the region of southeastern and eastern Europe are amidst changes, and in a process of reform and transition toward a democratic civil society grounded in the rule of law and market economy dominated by private property. We hope you will put your trust in us in this decisive moment, recognising our commitment to educational excellence, social responsibility and transparency.

Knowledge is power! Education gives you a choice of a job, while without education, the job chooses you!