Educons University mission is to provide a functional synthesis of traditional and innovative education, enabling students to obtain applicable skills and a degree for a new era marked by globalization and a multidisciplinary approach to social processes. We aim to foster creativity and independence in our students, an entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking, modern problem-solving skills and inventiveness. We strive to contribute to the overall transformation of the society with our mission and our sustained innovations in education, research, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Our vision of the future of EDUCONS is based on the fact that regional states of eastern and south-east Europe are in transition, undergoing reform toward democratic civil societies steered by the rule of law and the market economy with the dominance of private property. We hope you would put your trust in us at this hour, with a deep regard for academic freedom, pursuit of educational excellence, social responsibility and transparency as our guiding values.

In 2015, EDUCONS opened to its students the doors of its student hall of residence within its campus. Furnished in line with the highest standards, the hall is the first example of its kind when it comes to private higher education institutions in the Western Balkan region.

The hall contains 50 spacious one-bed and double rooms, each with a bed, a writing desk, a wardrobe, and most importantly, a private bathroom and an equipped kitchen. This conveniently located hall can accommodate up to 100 students.

A variety of accompanying facilities are an additional advantage, as they meet the students’ needs in a functional and efficient way. For our students’ convenience, there is a parking lot, a laundry room, a restaurant-café, free Wi-Fi connection, common rooms for studying and socializing, an exchange office, a post office, and a modern fitness and spa centre. The hall is open to all the young people who plan to spend their student years in Novi Sad, regardless of the university they attend.