Structure and Academic Program


This summer school is organized in duration of 4 weeks, it has an international character and it will be held in English. Participants will be organized in one group of 15 students, and they will have: lectures with professors, seminars, workshops with professionals, as well as practical work and professional visits with experts from practice.

The program is divided into two parts.

  1. URBAN POLICY AND DEVELOPMENT (2 weeks) is focused on topics related to urban policy and development such as Creative city concept in globalized urban context, Global knowledge economy, Urban acupuncture and urban tourism, European Union (rationale and pertinent data; EU’s governing structure; EU external relations and foreign affairs). During these two weeks, one week will be devoted to the practical workshops as well as professional practice/volunteering work related to urban events.
  2. RURAL DEVELOPMENT (TOURISM AND AGRICULTURE) (2 weeks) is focused on topics related to rural tourism and organic agriculture such as Village tourism, Gastronomy as a cultural heritage, Vineries, agrotourism, Ecological and organic agriculture, Water footprint in agriculture. Beekeeping in rural developments, Remote sensing in agriculture, etc. During these two weeks, numerous practical workshops and visits to different manufacturers, vineries, farms and private organic producers specialized visits to manufactures and practitioners will be organized.

The academic program of the Summer School will be accompanied with SERBIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE COURSE (intensive course of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, including basic grammar and vocabulary, as well as topics related to the Serbian culture)

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