Aim and Objectives


  • Interdisciplinary approach – sharing knowledge, opinions and views, and interaction with international experts and professors from different academic backgrounds;
  • Personal development – education of people as leaders with an international dimension;
  • Global thinking – understanding the trend and challenges in global urban and rural development and accumulate the global awareness and thinking;
  • Communication skills – building foundation in effective communication in today’s culturally diverse working environment


  • Undergraduate students
  • MBA students

Motivated students and graduates, who want to upgrade and enrich their understandings and gain new knowledge/experiences of the latest trends in urban and rural development, and in this context related disciplines (management and organizational science, law, tourism and hospitality, agriculture, political science, sociology, etc.). All participants who have a good knowledge of English or who are at the level of a good understanding of the English language.

studenti iz klagenfurta

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